Westley, A Hero in the Movie: The Princess Bride

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A good story is full of adventure, danger and heroes. A hero always takes risks to save someone other than themselves. A hero is purpose driven, and overcomes great odds to accomplish what they set out to do. When thinking of a hero in most stories, a knight in shining armor riding a white horse usually comes to mind. In the movie The Princess Bride, Westley is a shy farm boy in love with the beautiful Buttercup. He knows he needs to prove to her he can provide for her, so he sets out to make his fortune. When he returns, she is gone and his adventure begins. Westley is not the traditional Hollywood film hero, but he is the hero in this story because he has a purpose, he remains focused no matter the danger, and fulfills his purpose by acquiring his true love in the end. Typically in a classic fairy tale, the hero sets out to rescue the damsel in distress because of the reward. They fall in love during the rescue, and live happily ever after. In Westley's case, he is already in love with Buttercup. At her every demand, he responds with, "as you wish". Westley is tormented by Buttercup, but endures her treatment because he is so enamored with her. Westley's strong belief in "true love" is his only purpose to live during his ordeal with the Dread Pirate Roberts. His survival is not the typical heroic battle, he just says "please". This is Westley's proven skill, intelligent thinking instead of weapons when in the face of danger. This skill was used again when he outsmarted
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