Weston: A Short Story

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As Weston a athletic 13 year old boy with dirty blonde hair and a bunch of homework sits lazily on the couch after a tough school day and not a thought went by his mind of trying to do his obnoxious homework, all he could think of is doing and watching sports. As he hears the creaking sound of the screen door opening and then the key going into the keyhole in the door he realizes he didn’t do his homework and he has a big practice tonight. His mom is going to have a full blown tantrum about not doing his homework and that he won’t be able to finish it after baseball practice. As he rushes to think of something to pretend to do the door opens and he hears her walk in...thump thump thump goes her feet and then he hears her purse drop to the table…show more content…
She walks up to the coach and in a firm, strong voice says “Weston can not be on the team anymore, he is failing all his classes, even music!” in shock his coach says “Oh ok, I totally understand, but are you sure you want to do this?” his mom responds kind of sadly but reassuring “Yes, it’s the right thing to do.” He can rejoin once his grades get up.” Once she was done talking to the coach most of the kids were lined up getting ready to play including Weston who had a worried expression on his face. His mom comes toward him takes him by his arm and whispers “It’s for the best” and walks him off the field he starts to whimper and he knows he needs to get his grades up and fix everything. The next day and the further weeks he tried his best to pay attention and do what he needed to to stay on the team he could already tell he was paying attention and doing better because he was tired and would finish his homework in school and would raise his hand which was a big thing for him. After a week and a month he was the number one student in his school team and even got his first A on a test since forever. His mom saw all this and was proud for what he worked for,so she put him back on the team. In the end he finally got back on the team before they competed at finals and they
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