Westover Woods: A Short Story

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It was bright and early at 8 o'clock in the morning, it was 78 and rising and I was riding with my friend through Middlebury’s land trust. (Westover Woods) My friend described it to me that the path would allow my cyclocross bike. However it called for a dirty mountain bike path, so we voyaged deep through Westover Woods and we took on the challenges of little bumps from rocks, a 2 inch river rushing with crocodiles and spiker fishes. We jumped over the crocodile as it was nice enough to stop in the middle of the river, so we did a nice little doodle-loop over the crocodile. As we came over it, each one of us as our front tire lifted the tire went (duck noise) and as the rear tire came over (bird noise). After this the crocodile waddled
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