Westpac Banking Strategy

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Transforming the Bank to place customers at the centre of everything we do
Jason Millett General Manager, P&O Strategy & Execution Westpac Banking Corporation May 2010

24 May 2010

Addressing customer needs is about ‘getting the basics right’

Typical Customer Service Needs
• Reliable delivery of products and services • Consistent experience across channels and platforms • Easy and simple to do business with • Single and insightful view of information • Flexible and responsive to requests

Transforming banks to be customer centric
24 May 2010

Jason Millett – Westpac Banking Corporation

Westpac’s ‘customer centric’ strategy focuses on directly fulfilling customer needs

Westpac’s Customer Oriented Strategy
Vision To
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Business process defines the experience 2. Technology drives the business process 3. Customer experience / design is an overlay

The CCD approach should ensure that we start to address our business problem through the needs of the customer.

Transforming banks to be customer centric
24 May 2010

Jason Millett – Westpac Banking Corporation


We have created Design Personas to inform us of the customer experience
What? How?
 They represent larger audience groups based on contextual inquiry research & stakeholder knowledge

 Design Personas are used to ensure that everyone understands the customer and who they are designing the solution for. We use Design Personas to  inform design decisions in relation to any project in the organisation  reduce risk by creating a balanced view of customer and remove personal bias through development

 Insight into the behavioral, social, emotional and motivational attributes of our customers or end users

Christopher Wilkinson Christopher Wilkinson Organised & Organised & Ambitious Ambitious

 ensure that real user inform the design, even without being present  ensure we understand the typical behaviours and motivations of our customers  Capture the needs of the customer for all channel experiences – current gap for product experience
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