Westside Veterinary Clinic Research Paper

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My workplace host’s name is Dr. Steven Walz. He is a veterinarian at Westside Veterinary Clinic, Which I job shadowed on April 28th, 2017. He helps animals heal, checks on their health, grooms, and keeps animals. Dr. Walz has to make sure all the animals have functioning organs and body parts. There were many different things that I had learned during the time i was at the vet. I was interested in many things, and uninterested in other things. I was interested in the way Dr. Walz had examined and worked with the animals. They way he had worked with the animals had intrigued me because the way we help animals is similar to how we help humans. I did not find many things boring, but I found a few boring aspects of the job. When there was nothing going on, it was kind of boring because there was nothing to do. Watching the doctor fill out the paperwork and create the labels for the medications were both boring to me. I was surprised about how the doctors could easily give animals shots, anesthesia, and work with them. Some of the veterinarians were able to groom a dog without them running away. There are many things that we need to know to be a successful veterinarian. To be successful in this workforce, you have to be able to work math problems easily, be able to read graphs, have good communication skills, and make sure you…show more content…
I think I would keep this as a backup because I’m still interested in being a nurse more than being a veterinarian. This was a valuable experience because I realized how similar veterinary service is to nursing, and how if I didn’t succeed at nursing, I could have this as a backup. All in all, this job experience was not all that bad. Some wise words from Dr. Steven Walz, “If interested in veterinary service, study early, keep your grades up, and just do well in school, because you can do anything you
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