Westward Expansion Of The United States

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Westward Expansion in the United States created controversy about the admission of new states into the union. The first provision of the Westward Expansion was the Compromise of 1850. This compromise was designed to settle disputes among the North and South states about slavery expansion. Senator Henry Clay proposed that California be admitted as a free slave in a trade-off for tougher fugitive slave laws for runaways. As a part of the compromise of 1950, Congress also passed the Fugitive Law which required U.S Marshals, deputies, and ordinary citizens to help return slaves to their owners. Although fugitive laws were very strict, slaves still escaped the oppressive institution of slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was the…show more content…
A black leader from Philadelphia was quoted saying “This country is our country as much as it it yours, and we will not leave.” Not to mention that minimal amounts of slaves were illegally imported to the United States. To send generationally removed slaves (whose ancestors never asked to be kidnapped anyway) would be unintelligent. After being reluctant to freeing any slaves, Lincoln finally issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, three years after the south seceded from the union. Lincoln, didn 't have the power to free slaves in the South because the South was a new nation. Although it was law that slaves be free, who was going to tell them they were free? Certainly not the men that made profit off their labor. Even as free men and women, where would they do? Many were illiterate and only knew farm labor. Black men were denied the opportunity to fight for the union in the early phases of the war. Ultimately, the union changed their mind and allowed black men. The decision was not a light-hearted one. Even though blacks and white northerners were fighting to end slavery, white men wanted nothing to do with black men. Often times black men faced discrimination and violence. White officers did not want to head black regimes in fear of their reputation. Fortunately, there were successful black regimens. One of those regimes was the 54th
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