We’ve Found Superman All of the facts point to one prevailing conclusion; America’s school system

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We’ve Found Superman All of the facts point to one prevailing conclusion; America’s school system is failing. No film makes this clearer than “Waiting for Superman,” directed by Davis Guggenheim. In the film, Guggenheim does not hold back in his onslaught of surprising, yet true, facts. Guggenheim points out that Americans are failing compared to the world in major areas of study, such as math and science. However, there is one place American children lead the world; Confidence. Guggenheim says that there is a simple way to fix this prevalent problem, especially for urban youth. The solution, he says, are charter schools. Charter schools are publicly funded, but privately owned schools that do not have to follow curriculum guidelines like…show more content…
Sometimes, these schools are poorly managed, and not only do the children get a poor education, but we as taxpayers lose a lot of money. For example, as reported in the LA Times by Jeremiah Dobruck, a board member of an online charter school in California was recently accused of laundering a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar investment from the state. The issue with identifying a single problem with the American education system is the extreme complexity of it. There are a number of factors that play into a student’s success. These factors include, but aren’t limited to: economic background, home life, teachers, family emphasis on education, administration, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. The film most often blames teachers for the prevailing problems with the education system. Most critics are quick to tell you that this is wrong; however one should not dismiss this idea so quickly. According to a study conducted by a Stanford economist named Eric Hanushek, teachers are accountable for up to twenty percent of a student’s success. Diane Ravitch, author of “The Myth of Charter Schools,” leads her readers to believe that this should absolve teachers from any wrongdoing. However, twenty percent is a considerable number, accounting for one fifth of a student’s success. Despite the numbers, teachers are an intricate part of the learning process. A great teacher can make or break you in the long run of really understanding the course
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