Weymouth Steel Corporation

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Weymouth Steel Corporation is currently in the sort of dilemma which may turn into a disaster for the company. However, given the situation if the top management is able to inspire its employees (who survive this downsizing) with a vision and hope for the rejuvenation of the company; this dilemma can easily become a pivotal time for its success. Once the bad news is broken and the downsizing process starts, stress is inevitable; for both the employees who will be terminated and the ones who survive this event. Therefore I believe a single stage announcement for the good and bad news will not only be ineffective in its transfer of information, but will also fail in embedding the new vision of the company into
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A press conference should be arranged no more than a day after the conference with the employees (to avoid rumors) and some members of the top management (example the CFO and General Manager) should attend the meeting. Mr. Weymouth must not attend this meeting in order to leave room for strategic changes in comments in the future.

The person attending the press conference should be economical with the truth and avoid any figurative view of the company’s present situation. The downsizing must be covered by the new salary scale and benefits being offered to the employees and this time it should be portrayed as a turning point in the history of Weymouth Steel Corporation. Expected questions from the reporters must be prepared in advance before this conference in a brainstorming session of the top management.

3. A new vision to the survivors

Once the downsizing is complete it is time for Weymouth to energize his company with a fresh vision, inspiration and motivation. Another general conference of the remaining salaried employees must be called where again Mr. Weymouth should head the meeting. Here the main focus should be to remove the ill feelings of employees against the company and to convince them that the company is still a workable organization which cannot work without their support.

Here they must mention the new salaries and all sorts of benefits that the company has added for its employees. Using these Mr. Weymouth should try to convince his
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