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chapter 9 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __C_ 1. Motives activate behavior and propel the organism a.|to flee.|c.|toward goals.| b.|to respond.|d.|to drives.| ___D_ 2. Psychologists define hypothetical states that activate behavior and propel one towards goals as a.|needs.|c.|drives.| b.|motives.|d.|incentives.| __A__ 3. Motives are described as hypothetical states because a.|they cannot be seen or measured directly.| b.|they cannot be measured.| c.|there is no theory of motivation.| d.|they are questionable.| ___D_ 4. Motives can take the form of a.|needs, drives, and incentives.|c.|stimuli, events, and actions.| b.|requirements, desires, and…show more content…
a.|physiological needs|c.|safety needs| b.|esteem needs|d.|physiological and safety needs| ___C_ 33. A sick individual who goes to bed to rest is satisfying the _______ of Maslow’s hierarchy. a.|primary needs|c.|physiological needs| b.|acquired needs|d.|actualization needs| __B__ 34. An honor student who joins a scholastics club looking for friendship is mostly satisfying the _________ of Maslow’s hierarchy. a.|esteem needs|c.|safety needs| b.|love and belonging needs|d.|physiological needs| __B_ 35. Maslow argued that humans differ from other animals in that humans have a self-initiated striving for a.|survival.|c.|self-control.| b.|self-actualization.|d.|self-regulation.| __A__ 36. According to Maslow, needs are organized in a __________ with physiological needs and self-actualization needs at the extremes. a.|hierarchy|c.|schema| b.|pattern|d.|Gestalt| ___D_ 37. Many artists and intellectuals pursue creative and intellectual goals without recognition or reward. The fact that they pursue growth motives in the absence of safety and security argues against Maslow’s idea that needs are organized as a.|psychic energy.|c.|a hierarchy.| b.|drives.|d.|stimulus motives.| ___D_ 38. According to the cognitive perspective of motivation, people a.|do what they think about| b.|try to eliminate discrepancies in information| c.|hold inconsistent beliefs| d.|are more likely to appreciate things that come easy to them| ___B_ 39.
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