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During the assessment regarding concepts about print the three students I assessed (A,T,WG) performed at a level that I somewhat predicted but was still surprised by. The children that I assessed would need remediation understanding the formation of a book and how it is supposed to be read. As well as the difference between their right and left sides. If the teacher would read more often with the students and physically show them where to start reading in a book or what is a short word and what is a long word the students will get the practice they needs. A started out strong and ended strong. A did not need any guidance on the concept of print. She knew exactly where to turn the pages, where the front of the book was, what was a long or short word and knew how to count to number of letters in a words. A is extremely gifted and even after the assessment she asked if we could read the book together. A does not need any more practice…show more content…
T seemed to get confused when I asked him to tell the difference between top and bottom of the page. He does not know his left from right which needs improvement during his kindergarten years. He did not understand when I said “show me the line” because I do not think he knew what a line was other then when he gets in line to go to lunch with the class. I do not think that T is not capable of answering the concept of print questions right I just think that he is confused as to what I was asking. I could sense that he felt under pressure and to be honest maybe he was just having a off day. T needs additional practice and I think that if I would've just taken him out of the room with no distractions he would of done much better. T’s strength in this assessment definately was the fact that even though he did not know the answer to all of the questions he stayed calm and foucsued to try and get the next answer
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