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MBA 6611 CASE ANALYSIS OF WGIRL, WBOY CALENDERS Introduction: This case is about a guy named Luke Atkins, from Richard Ivey School at the University of Western Ontario. Luke is a person interested in making calendars and raising money for a charitable fund. He wants to feature both men and women in his calendar. He has previous experience with fund raising with calendars when he when created a calendar featuring Western rugby players to raise money for the team. He now wants to focus on charities like Breast Cancer Society (for women) and Jesse’s Journey Foundation (for men) for patients with neuromuscular disease. He wants his calendar to feature seductive pictures of 12 men and 12 women. Luke has contacted several local businesses…show more content…
Luke has a hard competition with other calendars such as the one’s given away for free, the London firefighters, and any other company who issues calendars in the area. How seductive of pictures is he talking about? Are these really appropriate for a college based area? He does not have enough manpower right now and has little time to recruit them. Luke has a big decision to make based on the format of the calendars. The 28-page layout costs twice what the 16-page one does, but would it have better revenue? Problem Statement Which format should Luke use for his calendars? I think this is a major concern because regardless of all the other costs involved this creates the biggest money issues. There are two formats he has for a choice, one costing twice as much as the other, but what if the more expensive of the two generates the most revenue? Alternative Courses: Alternative 1: Black & White WBOY & WGIRL calendar The quality of the pictures in this calendar wouldn’t have to be as good as they would in a color calendar. This calendar can be produced quickly and cheaper. Strengths to Alternative 1: The cost of production is not as high as the colored calendars. Price of calendars can be less because of less production costs, this would bring in more revenue if more calendars sold at a cheaper price. Production time would be less, therefore allowing Luke to achieve his goals quicker. Weaknesses to Alternative

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