Wgu Alt1 Anatomy and Physiology Labs for Rn - Bsn All Labs Essays

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WGU ALT1 Anatomy and Physiology Labs for RN - BSN All Labs


ALT1 Labs Part 1

1. A. As you observe the skull, explain how the structure of the sutures between the cranial bones is related to the overall function of the cranium.
1. A. Why are synarthroses an important component of fibrous joints?
2. Cartilaginous joints exhibit amphiarthroses. Why is this important?

1. A. Structurally, how are cartilaginous joints similar?
1. A. Which type of synovial joint has the least amount of movement?
1. A. Why are diarthroses important for synovial joints?
2. A. Which synovial joint is most movable?
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A. Which of the four major areas of the brain (cerebrum, diencephalon, cerebellum and brain stem) was obviously much larger in the human brain in the diagram than in the sheep brain? Why do these structures differ so dramatically?
13. B. What is the significance in the size difference in the olfactory bulbs between the humans and sheep?
14. C.
15. D. The human cerebellum is split in half while the sheep cerebellum is one mass. Why does this structural difference exist?
16. E.
17. F. What is the significance in the size between the sheep and the human brain stems?
18. G.
19. H. What is the function of the third ventricle, fourth ventricle, cerebellum and brain stem?
20. I. In your own words, explain how (if) this exercise helped you better understand brain anatomy.
21. J. Write a brief essay to describe the relationship between taste and smell.
22. K. Describe a blind spot or optic disc
23. L. Explain the origin of visual afterimages
24. M. Describe the relationship between hearing and balance

ALT1 LABS Part 3

Urinary System
Activity 1:
Microscopic Structure of Urinary Organs
25. A. How is the tissue of the kidneys structurally modified to aid in filtration?
26. B. What is important functionally about transitional epithelium?
27. C. What is the function of the ureter? How does the structure support this function?

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