Wgu Bs Marketing Management Capstone Essay

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Assessment Code: Capstone
Student Name: RP
Student ID: 000XXXXXX
Date: 7/21/15
Mentor Name: CJ

Triple E, LLC
Extraordinary, Everyday Events

522 SE Washington Ave. STE 139, 140
Roseburg OR 97470
email address
July 21, 2015

Table of Contents
Part A 2
Executive Summary 2
A1. Company Identification 2
A2. Mission of the Company 3
A3. Business Goals 3
A4. Keys to Success 3
B1. Industry History 3
B2. Legal Form of Ownership 4
B3. Location and Facilities 4
B4. Management Structure 4
B5. Products and Services 5
C. Market Analysis 5
C1. Target Market 5
C2. Industry Analysis 5
C3. SWOT Analysis 7
D. Market Strategy 9
D1. 4Ps 9
D3: Promotional Strategy 10
D4: Sales
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Triple E’s main clients will be local area businesses who require access to marketing and event planning services but have no marketing/planning departments of their own. By focusing on businesses that have these specific needs, Triple E Marketing and Events will be able to provide smaller organizations access to comprehensive and combined event planning and marketing strategies, allowing them to create brand recognition and increased profitability for their businesses.
We are a one-stop-shop, offering fully designed and integrated marketing campaigns, event and meeting coordination, all under one roof, allowing each business the opportunity to have one company address all their marketing and branding needs.
Triple E plans to build upon our current client base, doubling the number of businesses we serve within the first two years, and setting up additional offices in other areas across the county within three years.
A1. Company Identification

Triple E Marketing and Events, LLC
“Extraordinary, Everyday Events”
522 SE Washington Ave., STE 139, 140
Roseburg OR 97470

A2. Mission of the Company
Triple E’s mission is to create remarkable marketing, events, and meetings, designed to express the integrity, inspiration and drive behind each individual business we serve.
A3. Business Goals
The two year goals for Triple E Marketing and Events, LLC are the following:  Achieve break-even by year 2.

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