Wgu C200 Task 1 Essay

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Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department Leadership Analysis
Managing Organizations and Leading People – C200
Task 1
Western Governors University

Table of Contents
Current Leadership Practices2
Affects on Current Culture3
SWOT Analysis5
Strength #15
Strength #25
Weakness #16
Weakness #26
Opportunity #17
Opportunity #27
Threat #18
Threat #28
Evaluating the Traits of the Current Leader9
Strength #19
Strength #210
Strength #310
Weakness #110
Weakness #211
Weakness #311
Recommendations for the Future12
Recommendation #112
Recommendation #212
Recommendation #313

Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department Leadership Analysis
Presently, I work for the Hillsborough County
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Embrace new technologies to improve efficiency, maintain environmental stewardship through green practices and sustainable operations, support continuous improvement of the business processes, develop employees’ capability, and provide excellent customer services.” (Hillsborough County, 2015)
Current Leadership Practices
While working for the department, it became very apparent that the practices and management style of the Department Director significantly affected the culture and daily activities of the individual sections under his leadership. First, he would set objectives and standards for the individual sections. These objectives usually looked good on paper but were often unrealistic when applied to daily operations. These lofty ideals, set as goals to middle management, seemed overwhelming and out of touch with the reality of hands on field operations. As a result, middle management would frequently choose to either change or completely disregard the given directives. This disconnect in the chain of command would often cause confusion and inconsistencies at the operations level. Additionally, lack of follow-up meant the Department Director assumed his set objectives were being carried out while lower level employees remained uninformed.
Second, the Department

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