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Professional Presence & Influence Ashley A. Lewis Western Governors University Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing, first began to establish nursing as a profession during the Crimean War. Since then, nursing theorists have continued to expand on the thought that patients are made up of more than just the symptoms they present with, Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Dr. Larry Dossey and Dorothy Johnson, but none more so than Jean Watson. She developed a theory of human caring that contained several core concepts, these concepts lay forth the ground work for how we, as nurses, should care for a patient. These concepts included transpersonal caring relationships (going beyond ego to higher “spiritual” caring…show more content…
She put her crew to work after they arrived to clean the facilities, get the needed medical supplies for the soldiers, and created the “invalid’s kitchen” to help serve the wounded soldiers appetizing food. A person’s mind was considered nothing beyond the brain. Era II began to evolve during the time after World War II. It was during this time that physicians first began to establish the link between disease and a person’s psyche. This was the first time that there was scientific evidence that psychological stress could contribute to many illnesses such as hypertension, ulcers, and heart attacks. During the time after WWII, the scientific community first began to study the psychological effects that the war had on returning soldiers. Despite the fact that over a million soldiers were screened out due to psychological issues, there continued to be a staggering number of psychiatric casualties. Because of this, psychiatrists were confronted with the realization that psychological weakness had little to do with subsequent distress after combat. Because of this, the term combat neurosis was changed to battle fatigue or combat exhaustion ("History of PTSD ", n.d.). Era III goes a step beyond and proposes that our mind cannot only affect our well-being, but can affect the well-being of another person, even from a distance. In short, Era II shows the importance of an individual’s mind on their own body, Era III shows the importance of an

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