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Why Information Security Management Is Important For Payday Lending Business
Laquinta Denise Mason
A Prospectus Presented to the Information Technology College Faculty
Of Western Governors University
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Master of Science in Degree Area


The purpose of this project was to ensure the client is compliant with the requirements specified by the Grahm-Leach-Bliley Act. Information is what drives business today and if the information is not available or reliable then the business cannot function. Most customer’s information, financial records, medical records, and sales records are stored on computers today. Clients and the
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The GLB Safeguard Rule requires that financial institutions develop security programs to protect data; they also must provide provisions to protect customer’s information and it requires institutions to give customers a written privacy notices that explain how their information is shared.

• The Plan is to correct the vulnerabilities identified during the assessment and focusing on ensuring compliance with the Safeguard and Privacy rules in the GLBA, which requires financial institutions to establish a security program The plan will protect the consumers’ information that is stored locally and update the client, network infrastructure. The PDCA methodology was used to ensure that the problems identified, were corrected, monitored and improved.

• The Research methodology I used was quantitative and qualitative to identify the risk. I utilize qualitative evaluation in the data collection process which consisted of observations during the client’s normal business day, interviewing employees and reviewing client’s records.

• The Implementation proposal will be given to the owner (management) for his approval. The proposal will detail the implementation plan, roles and responsibilities, required equipment, new required policies, the new loan processing software training and time line for completion.

• The Proposed outcomes will include the new secure online loan processing program, which will provide secure storage of

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