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Holistic Family Care plan for Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Tonya Y. Chadi Western Governors University Holistic Family Care plan for Terminal Cancer Diagnosis A. Personal Perceptions This author’s personal perceptions concerning patients facing a lingering terminal illness, have been shaped by over 20 years of critical care nursing experience. Facing death and illness on a daily basis requires self-examination and a high degree of comfort with one’s own mortality, limits and values. Constant exposure to the fragility of life forces respect for the whole person and the people who love them. A general approach to patients who are actively dying is to allow them to define what they want and need during this time. The nurse’s role…show more content…
Attempt to help the couple reconnect with friends and family. Let them know that to need friends and family during this time is natural and not only is it okay, it is an expected and natural part of the human experience. 2. Address Mrs. Thomas’s Physical pain and decline. Explore Mrs. Thomas’s attitudes and feelings about the use of narcotics. Some patient’s choose to forgo pain medications because they fear decreased alertness and want presence with family and friends. Non-narcotic and non-sedating medication options should be explored and discussed. Help Mrs. Thomas verbalize her fears about the medications. Explain the difference between addiction and dependence. Explore Mrs. Thomas’s openness to alternative methods of pain control such as visualization, music therapy, self-hypnosis and mediation. Encourage her to listen to her body by resting when needed and participating in life when she has the energy. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas both require education about palliative care options for management of symptoms associated with her disease. 3. Help the couple prepare for Mrs. Thomas’s decline and death. This is a subject that must be approached gently and with a great deal of respect for the anguish and suffering the couple are facing. Assessing readiness for this subject requires compassionate waiting, and mindful listening. When and if the couple is ready to face Mrs. Thomas’s eventual death arrangements for her final days will
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