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Online Business-Expansion Proposal for Xavier Derico Consulting
Xavier Smith
Western Governors University

Xavier Derico Consulting is a successful freelance communication consulting firm that provides the following editing-and-writing/translation-and-interpretation services: 1. Professional Document Preparation—vocational documents comprising of résumés and cover letters; business documents comprising of business plans and proposals, inter- and intra-office correspondence; and corporate policies and employee handbooks. 2. 3. French and Spanish Translation and Interpretation—translation of all the professional documents listed above; interpretation for both in-person and virtual environments.
The chief area
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The following table clearly identifies different populations in the world and their respective and projected Internet use:

(Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2011)
Many aspects of this chart are intriguing as they relate to revenue opportunities for Xavier Derico Consulting. For example, reviewing the Latin America/Caribbean row, it is evident that Internet usage has grown exponentially in 11 years—identified by 1,205-percent growth. However, the market has only reached 40-percent market penetration. Thus, despite the growth, this market segment is essentially untapped. The following chart offers a closer look at the Latin America market:

(U.S. Census Bureau, 2009)

(U.S. Census Bureau, 2009)
Spanish is the predominant language in Latin America. This simple fact indicates a massive revenue stream for this market. Moreover, a review of the Internet usage and growth demonstrates impressive opportunities for revenue growth. Spanish speakers account for approximately 7 percent of the world’s Internet population, but their proportion of Internet users is disproportionate. This disproportion further emphasizes that the Latin America Internet market offers mammoth revenue possibilities for Xavier Derico Consulting.
Based on the revenue potential of the Latin America market, it is obvious that Xavier Derico

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