Wgu Est 1 Ethics in Business Essay

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Ethical Issues in Business
Lisa B. Luckenbach
Western Governors University

ETHICAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS 2 Company Q is a small local grocery store chain that has a poor attitude toward social responsibility. After reviewing the given, I feel the chain is more committed to profit than social responsibility. Most companies are in a business to make a profit, however, the difference in what is considered reasonable and what is considered ridiculous comes into play. Most people start companies because it something they are interested in and to make a living. In today’s society the line between outright social responsibility
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If I were a company I would never want to advertise that those are the types of employees I have, it would be a management issue and not a community problem. Company Q missed a few opportunities to improve their attitude toward social responsibility. The first is closing the stores. The areas where the stores closed were in high-crime-rate areas, before
ETHICAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS 3 closing the stores they could have done community outreach or service projects to help lower the rate of crime. They could have led the establishment of a neighborhood crime watch. They could have set up a mentorship program for teens at risk. There are a multitude of programs they could have implemented, some could probably have been used as a tax write off. If all of these efforts failed then I understand closing the stores. If they had to close the stores they should have made every effort to be sure that the displaced employees were able to find a job in another store or assisted them in being placed in another job. They also need to make every attempt to keep the building they were using occupied or cleaned up until it is occupied. How do these actions contribute to being socially responsible? It shows they care about their community, that even though they may have to shut down a store, they still

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