Wgu Ethical Leadership C206 Vot2 Task 1 Essay

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Ethical Lens and Dilemmas

Ethical Leadership C206

April 4th, 2015

Ethical Lens and Dilemmas

Ethics is the guiding force in any respectable organization. With a moral compass, especially in the leadership of organization, a company can become compromised and fall into a quagmire of legal issues, a tarnished reputation, and devaluation of company stock if it is a publically traded company. In pursuit of examine my own ethical lens I will analyze the ethical traits of an admired leader, my own traits as exhibited in the Ethical Lens Inventory, and how I make a decision concerning a particular ethical dilemma.
Ethical Traits of President Obama My chosen leader for this ethics review is President Barack Obama.
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While he could have chosen to get more done for the country by sacrificing some of ethics, especially concerning those in poverty, without healthcare coverage, and the ailing middle, he instead stoop up for these people, his beliefs, and the beliefs of the majority of his constituents that placed him in office and has won more for us. This has caused more death threats than any president in history and he can arguably to be said the most hated president of all time amongst conservative republicans. He is a shining example of standing firm to one’s own moral and ethics.
My Ethical Lens My preferred ethical lens falls under Rights and Responsibility. This means that I use logic to determine my actions and believe in a common set of rules that everyone should follow. I tend to believe in that if everyone’s rights are respected that it will lead to a universal fairness or equality. This preferred ethical lens is typical of my workplace behavior. I believe that I am more group fairness oriented in my personal life, while still also holding steadfast to individual rights. Where I am the same between the workplace and my personal life is that I believe in a common set of rules that every person should follow. In my view this ultimately leads to order and equality for everyone. As outlined in my personal Ethical Lens Inventory my
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