Wgu Ethical Leadership C206 Vot2 Task 2 Essay

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Ethical Audit Ethical Leadership C206 April 17th, 2015 Ethical Audit An ethical audit is important to establish the company’s current weaknesses and strengths concerning how it conducts itself in an ethical manner. An ethics audit will involve evaluating the company’s standard of ethic, it ethic climate, and how well the company’s employees follow ethical standards. One of the first things to evaluate in an ethics audit is if a company has a written code of ethics and how comprehensive it is. Moreover, the written code of ethics should apply to everyone in the company from the top down with a clear zero tolerance policy in place for ethics violations. Included in a comprehensive ethics code should be a method for…show more content…
Balance Scorecard The use of a balanced scorecard when gauging the performance of executives at Paradigm Toys is useful because it measures several key areas that measure past and real time performance that directly affects the company. A balance scorecard can contain both financial and nonfinancial measures as well as both quantitative and qualitative performance measures. Additionally because a balance scorecard can be tailored to the business’s specific targets it can measure the substance of performance better that basic financial indicators that are usually considered the basis of performance ratings. It is important to use more than just financial indicators, because other factors, those qualitative in nature, measure how an employee does their job and gives a larger picture of how well an employee performs. For example, in the case of sales concerning installation of home improvement products one might be measured by repeat buyers or customer satisfaction of how well the salesman followed up with their sale and installation. This kind of non-financial factor can be used to measure the company’s goal of repeat buyer and customer satisfaction which can translate into future sales and growth. Financial indicators are used in similar ways, but are more quantitative in nature. The main reason to use financial indicators is because they can provide a clear picture

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