Wgu G4 Task 2

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G4S has been the vendor at the AJAC facility since 2007. During the first seven years of our service to the state we had no issues receiving payment for the medical services we provided via our contract with DYS. On March 24, 2014 Steve Little sent an email to our team outlining his interpretation of the requirement in our contract that G4S receive “approved Medicaid rates” for medical services. In the email Mr. Little referenced the section of our contract which states “the contractor shall further insure that all medical, dental, and mental health services are secured from a Medicaid approved provider and that charges for services shall be at the Medicaid approved rates. If no Medicaid provider is available the contractor must make every…show more content…
This was the way the contract had been interpreted from the beginning of our time in Arkansas until Mr. Little’s March 24, 2014 email. Mr. Williams told us that beginning July 1, 2014 that we were to email him at the beginning of the month with a list of the non-Medicaid, and non-Medicaid rate vendors and the current appointments we had for those vendors. We were also directed to state “subject to change” in the email, and that would cover additional youth appointments that needed to be made with those approved vendors. Mr. Little’s May 13, 2014 email (Exhibit 2) specifically required vendors to submit a list of requested non-Medicaid rates for the services each vendor would provide. In follow-up conversations with Mr. Williams our team explained that it would impossible to submit these rates in advance, unless we submitted the rate for every possible procedure a vendor could potentially provide. The process outlined in Exhibit 2 would be fine if we made appoints for youth for a specific service, and that was the only service provided. However, anyone who has ever had a doctor’s appointment understands that during an examination a doctor has the discretion to order additional services or tests based upon their initial
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