Wgu Hat Task 3

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Environmental and Global Health EEEeeCommunity Health Nursing EE Community Health Nursing Environmental and Global Health-­‐HAT Task #3 Lynn Senfelds Western Governor’s University Environmental and Global Health Task A-­‐1 The Communicable Disease Outbreak of Avian Influenza 2 Communicable diseases account for approximately 1/4th of worldwide mortality, contributing to more than 15 million deaths each year (Kierny, Exclor, and Girard, 2004).…show more content…
Awareness and availability will impact the incidence of an outbreak. The China outbreak was not well understood; therefore, preventative measures were not yet in place. Many were exposed and infected but were not developing clinical disease, and only seven of the 18 cases had direct or indirect contact with poultry. Universal precautions and practicing good hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of influenza. Hand Environmental and Global Health washing for 15-­‐20 seconds, covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and avoiding touching the mouth, eyes and nose will be effective in 4 controlling the spread of the virus. Accessibility to health care, health care facilities, and education will affect future outbreaks. Access to services, the percent of people who receive coverage and quality of service as

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