Wgu Human Resources Task 1

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Dear Mr. Smith,
Upon investigation in to the claim of constructive discharge under the Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 my research found this claim to be irrelevant and unjustified. A constructive discharge happens when an employee is legally justified in claiming that he/she was forced to resign because the employer has made working conditions intolerable.
In our situation a complaint was never filed with the company letting us know the employee was unhappy or giving us the opportunity to respond to the situation. Therefore the company was unaware of creating an intolerable working condition for that employee and we did not intentionally do it. The company experienced growth so the production schedule changed for all employees. The
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We would need to review and make sure that all the appropriate measures are being taken in a timely manner if someone complains about their working environment. Specific steps and procedures need to be followed to protect our company and our employees. In Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders (2004) the Supreme Court found that in order to establish constructive discharge a plaintiff must show that the environment was so intolerable that resigning was the only option. But the court also found that the plaintiff failed to avail herself of the internal reporting procedures as she resigned two days after mentioning harassment to an official. The case supports our position of not guilty because the employee who is filing charges against us did not follow the company’s internal reporting procedures. This would have allowed us to meet with the employee to see if we could come to an agreeable solution. Internal reporting procedures are there to protect everyone involved.
My final recommendation would be to make a statement to the employee filing charges against us to inform them know that we are aware of the Code of Federal Regulations (Guidelines on discrimination because of religion, 2009) and that we are willing to work with the individual to find a solution. If the employee dropped the charges and came back to work for us then there are a number of accommodations we would suggest such as

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