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Using Carbonated Beverages to Clean INT1 Task 3 Experiment A. Experiment Plan/Problem This experiment has a goal of testing a household cleaning theory that dark sodas such as Coca Cola or Pepsi can be used as a cleaning agent and cut through dirt and grease effectively as a cleaner. For the experiment, the researcher/writer has purchased Pepsi products, Pepsi specifically to use as the cleaning product to test. The researcher/writer will clean six different types of messes (Food stains of ketchup and mustard on a shirt, kitchen counter grime/grease, bathroom counter soap scum, car windshield and battery corrosion on a car battery and bathroom counter/sink). Each item will be cleaned with Pepsi and soap and water, with the soap…show more content…
This hypothesis was developed by hearing the "myth" since I was a child that Pepsi and Coke products could clean battery cables and windshields, and when I investigated online other surfaces were suggested as being cleaned as well. As I found one article saying it would clean car batteries, I believe it would be useful as a cleaner. A1. Literature Review There are few articles that address the cleaning theory of dark sodas or an experiment regarding the effectiveness. The internet is ripe with other articles on using Coke or Pepsi as a cleaning product. It was quite difficult to find an experiment that was carried out that was similar in any type of scholarly article. Among the articles is one from that does seem to address the validity from a scientific perspective. This website did a pretty in depth cleaning test in which several different cleaners were tested and compared on their usefulness. Among those tested were Coke products including Coke and Diet Coke. This testing experiment results found that among the solutions tested dark soda ranked around sixth, with a score of 4/10. (“The Great Token Cleaning Experiment”, Ehow also contains some information on how soda purportedly cleans coins. Coins are made out of metals, which accumulates tarnish and general grime over time, i.e. similar to corrosion. Pepsi and Coke

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