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JFT2 Organizational Management Task 2 Western Governors University JFT2 Organizational Management Task 2 A1. Utah Symphony Strengths and Weaknesses The Utah Symphony has been a leading arts organization in the western part of the United States for decades. They have a rich, long history. Many strengths have contributed to this success and continue to do today. Financially, the organization is able to raise money through various means. For the fiscal year 00-01, the symphony was able to raise $3.8 million through performance revenues, $3.1 million through government grants, and $4.5 million through fundraising. With another $1 million coming from investments other minor sources, they had an operating budget of $12.4 million…show more content…
With his position assured, Ewers and Lockhart needs to go over the financials of both organizations and what they will look like for the new organization. It should become clear to Lockhart that the musicians’ collective bargaining agreement will need to be renegotiated. Because of his relationship with the musicians, Lockhart should be able to convince them that there is no alternative to negotiating a new contract if the new organizations is to get off its feet. Anne also needs to convince the musicians of her commitment to the arts and her ability to lead such a prestigious organization and to do so, she will need to highlight her past accomplishments. Anne has had enormous success in directing operas, including serving as stage director for over 60 opera productions world wide, including the adored San Francisco Opera. In addition, she had stints as assistant director at the San Francisco Opera and the Canadian Opera. She also sought to increase the amount of productions during her time at the Boston Lyrics Opera instead of decreasing them to help retire the debt there. This should convince the musicians not only of Anne’s ability to lead them but also of her desire to build an elite arts

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