Wgu Leadership Rjat Task 1 Essay

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Course Weekly Timeline 3
TASK 1 Requirements 4
TASK 1 Rubics 5
TASK 1: A1. Leadership Style Evalulation 6 A2. Leadership Style Comparison 9 A3. Effective Leader 11 A4. Pitfalls 12 A4a. Overcoming Pitfalls 12 A5. Potential Synergies 13 References: 14

Week | Weekly Assignments | Date Due | One | 1. Complete the Teamwork section of the course of study. 2. Schedule and conduct first team meeting (Note: Detailed instructions for scheduling the first team meeting can be found in the course of study.) 3. Complete the Team Contract and have team leader submit to
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325.1.4: Leadership Ethics - The graduate identifies influences on ethical leadership and analyzes the construction of a code of ethics.
325.2.1: Team Development - The graduate selects the appropriate type of team structure for a project and proposes strategies and structures to build team cohesion and effectiveness.
325.2.2: Improving Team Performance - The graduate analyzes the performance of a virtual team and proposes strategies to improve team effectiveness.
325.4.2: Team Communication - The graduate demonstrates best practices to overcome biases that inhibit organizations and teams from communicating effectively.

Task 1 Rubic

A1. Leadership Style Evaluation
Provide a logical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate’s leadership style.

A2. Leadership Style Comparison
Provide an appropriate comparison of the candidate’s leadership style to that of 2 team members.

A2a. Leadership Styles
Includes 2 leadership styles in the comparison.

A3. Effective Leader
Provide a logical discussion of how understanding the leadership styles of team members helps the candidate become a more effective leader.

A4. Pitfalls
Provide a logical explanation of 3 ways to overcome the pitfalls.

A5. Potential Synergies
Provide a logical discussion of the potential synergies that may exist between leadership styles and how you can capitalize on them to increase productivity.

A1. Leadership Style Evaluations

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