Essay about Wgu Mmt2 It Strategic Solutions All 4 Tasks

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WGU MMT2 IT Strategic Solutions All 4 Tasks

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MMT2 IT Strategic Solution Task 1


Write a proposal to the CTO of AEnergy Company in which you do the following:

A. Perform a SWOT analysis of the existing IT infrastructure by doing the following: 1. Evaluate the existing strengths of the current IT infrastructure. 2. Evaluate the existing weaknesses of the current IT infrastructure. 3. Analyze opportunities for updating technology within the current IT
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Fifthly, for secure connection, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used and for further security, WPA encryption and MAC address filtering for security has been adopted. Sixthly, to provide storage and serve programs, there is a series of servers located in separate cabinet with restricted access. Moreover, Database servers have higher security as it is accessible only from SSL connection and it is also SQL searchable. To access database server, electronic key card system is integrated which is a part of tracking system so that any information can be tracked if unauthorized access is happened. Seventhly, the email server has large storage capacity to mail storage and to maintain communication record. Eighthly, the existing IT infrastructure ensures six sigma standards for production if any discrepancy happens, then it sends alerts to the machine for immediate correction. It ensures highest quality of the production. Weaknesses There are some weaknesses found in the existing IT infrastructure. Firstly, the limited number of staff, 30 members to expand business to new region is very difficult. To facilitate expansion, skilled manpower must be recruited. Secondly, current IT infrastructure provides numerous redundancies to maintain usability in the event of a crisis but increases cost significantly due to redundancy. Opportunities There are some key opportunities
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