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Ice Melting Experiment and Analysis

The objective of this experiment is to test the melting point of ice against different variables. I will use a control of ice against air and test this next to ice in water, sugar on ice, salt on ice and Baking Soda on ice. By measuring the melting time of each element on an ice cube I will be able to tell which element affects ice’s melting properties at what rate.
Everyday we use chemical mixtures to melt ice that affects our roadways. A lot of these chemical mixtures are harmful to our waterways, and can pollute the environment. I
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* Record your results * Measure the remaining mass of the ice cubes, and record your results. * Repeat this test three times for each substance used.
The purpose of this experiment is to measure the reaction of the ice melting when exposed to another solid element. The environment is a kitchen with a stable temperature and testing space. Repeating the tests three times will provide different data which will then be averaged for each element. For each test, calculate the percentage of the ice cube melted by [mass of melt water/initial mass of ice cube] x 100.

Sequence of Events
I started with controlling my experiment environment. It was in a still kitchen, with no appliances running to minimize humidity and control the room temperature. I then broke my ice cube tray and finding cubes that weight .10grams. I set up my timer for each station. I put three-.10gram ice cubes in a identical contained on top of the pre measured ½ teaspoon of sugar, salt and baking soda, then I hit start on the timer. When the timer hit 15 minutes I picked up each ice cube and put it on another dry identical dish. I then measured the melted liquid, followed by measuring the melted ice cube alone. I repeated this three times to get an average.
Tools & Materials * Ice Cubes * Salt * Sugar * Baking Soda * Kitchen scale * Digital Thermometer *
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