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Organizational systems and Quality leadership. C489-Task 2-revised version
Gina Potter
Western Governor’s University
January 31, 2016, 2016

The goal of this paper is to scrutinize the regrettable sentinel event of Mr. B, a sixty-seven-year-old patient who was admitted to a rural ED with left leg pain that he found unbearable. A root cause analysis will be used to exam the causative factors that led to this unfortunate sentinel event. Then I will identify the errors or hazards in the care of Mr. B. A change theory will then be utilized to establish a useful improvement plan that would hopefully decrease the chances of a repeat of the outcome in the Mr. B scenario. A Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) will then be
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We know that he had sustained an at home fall. We learn that he has a history of pain and a prescription for oxycodone for back pain. We know that his vital signs on admission appear stable; he was not showing any signs of respiratory distress. As we look at the staff that was listed that day we do get the sense the hospital may have been short staffed. Staffing report shows there was one MD, one RN and one LPN managing at least 4 patients including- one patient was a child. Evidence based research has proven that the nurse to patient ratio is directly related to the patient outcomes (Stanton, 2004). It is important that we consider the staffing level that this rural ED as we know short staffing can be blamed for not being able to take the full amount of time needed to do a proper health history. A detailed health history is an imperative part of the care process; it is used by the staff to accurately assess any acute changes that may take place in the patient throughout their stay.
We then look at the errors of hazards that occurred in the Mr. B scenario. Though we can say understaffing may have contributed to Mr. B’s demise, we cannot blame understaffing. This scenario is regrettably connected to inattentive nursing practice. It is clear that respiratory therapist was in the building and

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