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Organizational Management JFT2 Task 1 Utah Organizational Management JFT2, Task 1: Utah Symphony & Utah Opera Proposed Merger Analysis Utah Symphony & Utah Opera Proposed Merger Analysis In 2002, a proposal was made to merge the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera due to the failing economy, collapsing of the stock market, declining government financial support, and a waning of donations for the arts. The proposed merger would help both organizations by economizing on costs and expanding the artistic potential of both organizations. Each of the organizations need to support the decision in order for the merger to be successful. A1. Bill Bailey and McClelland’s Need Theory Bill Bailey, chairman of the board for the Utah Opera,…show more content…
Scott Parker can utilize Adam’s equity theory to persuade Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger. The equity theory in essence is when individuals seek to maintain equity based on the inputs they produce and the outcomes they receive from their inputs as compared to others perceived inputs and outcomes. A balance between inputs and outputs is strived for because it leads to fairness and improved relations. Mrs. Abravanel’s opposition to the merger could be because of a perceived unfairness based on the efforts her husband put into to bringing the Utah Symphony up to world class stature. Mrs. Abravanel sees the symphony as the dominant party in the merger. This is apparent by Mrs. Abravanel’s statement, “Maurice would never take second billing to anyone” (Delong & Ager, 2005). Parker must show Mrs. Abravanel that the merger will help alleviate some of the financial stress the symphony is facing and increase the success and visibility of both organizations. In order to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger, Parker needs to explain the rationale behind the merger as well as understand why Mrs. Abravanel sees the merger as unfair and inequitable. In order to sway Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger, Parker can offer Mrs. Abravanel a seat to participate in the merger discussions. Mrs. Abravanel’s perceived unfairness would be assuaged by giving her a voice in the discussions (input) and a say in the outcomes

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