Wgu Organizational Systems Task 1

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A) There are several issues in the case of Mr. J that need to be examined. Using nurse sensitive indicators “reflect patient outcomes that are determined to be nursingsensitive because they depend on the quality or quantity of nursing care” (American Sentinel University, 2011). Mr. J. was not receiving acceptable care, because his daughter noticed a red, depressed area over Mr. J’s lower spine, similar to a severe sunburn. This skin condition is the first stage of a developing pressure ulcer. a. Nurses should be aware that a patient with limited mobility is at risk for skin breakdown, and pressure ulcers. Anyone with limited mobility should be assisted to change positions by the care providers on a regular schedule to help…show more content…
b. Restraints should be used as a last resort on patients that are at a high risk for hurting either themselves or others. If this particular hospital is found to be overusing their restraints, they should look into why this is happening and where it is happening most often. What is the patient to staff ratio? Are acuities being considered when staffing the unit? If restraints are being overused, maybe a shortage of staff could be to blame. Having an appropriately staffed unit can lower the usage of restraints. c. Providers should be culturally sensitive to all of their patients, and dietary restrictions according to religion should be honored. The nurses should help create diets for in-patients, and help ensure that religious requests are being honored. The hospital can survey patients, and help collect data to get to the root cause of why diet requests are not being honored. C) Mr. J was not receiving a kosher meal, and his cultural and religious requests were not being honored by the staff and hospital. The nurse that noticed this did the right thing by informing the supervisor on shift. The supervisor, however, did not address the issue appropriately. Instead of asking the reporting RN to keep it quiet, the supervisor should have thanked her for noticing. After validating the reporting RN, the supervisor

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