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Professional Presence and Influence C351 WGU Sarah Belmont Healthcare, and Medicine is advancing more and more each day. As healthcare workers, our understanding of health and healing has improved and changed in the way we care for our patients. Dossey believed in the three eras of medicine. Era 1 began in the 1800s and its focus was solely on the body. The belief that healing and overall health are totally physical. The therapies and treatment were either medications or surgical procedures. The thought that healing all humans based on bodily functions, and how they can be treated will change as time changes. Era 2 began in the 1950s and it focused on the mind and body. Health care providers realized that…show more content…
Healthcare is a collaborative approach and Holistic is becoming the new age medicine. Patients looking for home remedies to treat symptoms and diseases rather than go to a physician and get placed on life-long medication. Mind, body, and spirituality is my way of practice. I will pray for the veterans even without them knowing it. Jordan (2009, p. 168) defines mindfulness “as an individual learning process characterized by a heightened awareness of the specific circumstances in a given situation”. I work with Veterans and each patient is unique in their own past experiences and things they have been exposed to. I am mindful in order to deliver safe, quality, and effective patient care. I recover anywhere from 9-19 veteran patients a day, each with different backgrounds and I have to be mindful on how I approach them as they recover from anesthesia. Some veterans awake with flashbacks, and need special patient specific assistance. Upon discharge home, I review their discharge instructions on a level that the patient understands. I am flexible in my teaching and communication based on each patient. Traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other neurologic disorders are all taken into consideration and my mindfulness allows me to be patient, flexible, and non-judgmental. Being mindful and compassionate allows an excellent healing environment for our patients to be cared for. Artisan Artisans are the temperament

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