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Professional Role and Value Western Governors University Professional Role and Value Regulatory agencies are government agencies created to provide rules by defining laws, concepts and authorities. There are federal and state regulatory agencies with different levels of involvement and collaboration with professional associations. These government regulatory agencies are shaped by the assistance of associations with functional differences like the Board of Nursing (BRN) and Professional Nursing Organization (PNO). The Board of Nursing has the function of ensuring that the standard of practice in nursing is being followed and keeping the health care consumers safety as a priority. The board of registered nurses protects the…show more content…
Since I obtained my Critical Care Certification, I was able to provide more specialized and competent care to my patients. I also maintain my up-to-date nursing skills and knowledge by reading nursing journals and articles of new evidence based research studies (Nursing World Webpage). The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics provides many professional traits that can be incorporated to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals such as compassion and respect, advocacy, accountability for nursing practice and participation in advancement of the nursing career (Cherry, 2011). Compassion is a very important aspect of the nursing profession. It would be very difficult to be a nurse without being compassionate. Nurses demonstrate compassion and respect daily in their work by actively listening to patients’ and family members’ problems and concerns and by empathy when appropriate. Advocacy is a nursing trait constantly used by the entire interdisciplinary team. Nurses advocate for patients’ right of autonomy for decision making in regards to their care, treatments and procedures. Also, nurses are in the best position to serve as a bridge between the patient and the interdisciplinary team. Accountability is so essential in the nursing profession. Nurses are accountable for their own nursing practices and for our patients.

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