Wgu Psy201 Week 2 Assignment

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There have been many things that I have learned this semester from knowing what type of graphic displays my data in the best way to how to calculate the location quotient. Probably what stuck the most was the difference between race and ethnicity and calculating projections. I was surprised how many times that topic came up after we learned that. I would explain the difference in my conversations and the majority of the people were surprised to find that there are only two ethnicities, which are Hispanic or Latino and Non-Hispanic or Latino. Now I know that the races are only white, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian and Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. The only thing that I do not understand and probably…show more content…
I thought this was a very valuable method that I could possibly use when I become a planner. I knew there was a way to project populations but never knew that there was a simple way to do it on excel. I already had some knowledge in excel but I didn’t pay too much attention to the formulas that I could use. Projections, forecasts, and estimates are all different and should not be used without knowing the exact meanings. I used to use them interchangeably, but now I do not because I understand them now. Projection is the popularly used word for statements that are taken from mathematics and are based on inferences decided in advance. Forecasts are the statements that have the highest probability to happen in the future. Estimates are about specific statistics from the past or present statistics. Estimates fill in the years between two different census. Both the Average Annual Percent Changes (AAPC) and Annual Absolute Population Changes (AAAC) methods are able to project the population of a given year. When I tried out both methods to see which one worked better for me I ended up using the AAAC equation, because there were better examples to help me understand this projection
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