Wgu Qnt2 Task 2

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• When change is needed
• Allow the team to influence the process
• Over-communicate
• Investing in the continued professional development of people is beneficial, for employee morale and for the company’s bottom line
• Replace urgency with story and future vision
• Outside threat reason for developing personnel
• Mandatory training

I cherry-picked the above ideas from your Hot Topic that I see as important in minimizing personnel’s fear-of-change when building, expanding, or retiring an organization. In each idea, training is key to successfully moving the organization forward into the desired future state. Even the article on entrepreneurial need for training by Paul Sarvadi, Human Resources" coach at, . (Links to external
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This way I, as an employee, am on board because I believe in where we are going as an organization and want to be a part of this experience.
Q2 A business needs to focus on its business and compete smartly from my perspective. This will include process improvements (change) but change that is meaningful to keeping the business alive, functioning, and growing as it achieves its mission. I worked for 2 family run businesses and watched as the children took over, tried to do what “everyone else is doing”, and failed the business.
Q3 I give this question a big YES. I love intensive training and its goal to move me forward fast. The two conditions are that this training makes me better at what I do and is good for the organization. I always remember one professor at NDU course theme and application to my job. Are you doing what is good for the health of the organization? If so, your job is important.

I wish I could eMail your hot topic to a few of our newer managers so they can see the value in training and education for staff. Some new managers seem afraid of training but with experience may see the
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