Wgu Qrt2 Ebusiness Qrt Task 1 Essay

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MBA- IT Management
E-Business QRT2 Task 1
April 15, 2013

A1. Viability of Product or Service: Spice King is an Indian Cuisine and Sweets restaurant located in Renton, WA. Their current site, www.spicekingrenton.com, could use some work to increase their web imprint and bring more business to the company. The restaurant is located within a small ethnic grocery shopping mart on a side street in Renton. The restaurant is frequented by the local shoppers but offers so much more than just a quick lunch. They offer a range of Indian food and desserts and offer delivery and catering. Delivery and catering orders are primarily done via phone call. Customer feedback shows because of current site deficiencies, few orders are
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In addition to the Dinner and Lunch specials, the coupons are the first thing you see. Although slightly cluttered, the homepage is very informational. The Curry Box website is updated regularly as Spice King’s site is static. The flow of www.curribox.com is fluent and easy to understand. www.spicekingrenton.com is written in broken English in places and does not have an easy flow of information. Having the same targeted market, Spice King would do itself great justice to provide menu item descriptions in Punjabi. Having a smaller menu, the staff is very knowledgeable on the items it provides as well as making special adjustments upon customer request. Curry Box does not seem to offer an option for alternatives. Curry Box has a slogan of “When in a hurry for curry”; Spice King does not have a slogan. Curry Box uses Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin social media sites to advertise their business. Spice King does not have any social media interaction.

Pabla Indian Cuisine http://www.pablacuisine.com/ is Spice King’s competition largely in their sweets. Pabla offers a variety of Indian sweets priced by the pound. Spice King offers differently priced sweets considerably less expensive than Pabla’s. Spice King however, does not have all their sweets listed on the site. If I were searching which restaurant to visit and had a sweet tooth, I would go to Pabla assuming the small variety

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