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QRT Task 2

A1. E-Commerce Solutions. Spice King houses its menu as well as a shopping cart for gathering orders. Payments are taken online through a company called Eat24. When clicking on checkout from Spice King’s site, customers are routed to Eat24’s secure site where they simply enter their payment information. Payments can be made via several payment types, including cash at delivery. Eat24 secures private payment information encrypting it with a SSL certificate. Eat 24 acts as a local restaurant directory of sorts. It boasts a pool of thousands of vendors who have delivery, pick-up, and catering. Customers enter their location information and it shows restaurants in that city. From there you can enter more advanced search
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“The interactivity of the blog also adds value to the site and can also increase the likelihood of potential customers social bookmarking it and sharing it their social networks.” ( Spice King should also check their site for excessive code. Not only does this inhibit the search engine crawlers to sift through the information, it also makes for longer load times and could impact customer’s willingness to remain on the site.

A3. International Considerations. The targeted market of Spice King is comprised of local customers of Indian Punjab decent who speak the Punjabi language. Some of the employees speak the same language which makes customers feel more welcome. The physical theme in the restaurant is also based on India. Having an international component to the site will give customers a small “taste” of what the restaurant is like. The site should have an international atmosphere as well as the inside of the restaurant. Menu items should be described in English as well as written in the Gurumukhi script, the official language of the state. The site currently offers a playback of Indian music hidden at the bottom of the page. To appeal to the ambiance of the food offered and the Punjabi customer base, the music should play in the background automatically.

Spice King is to tune into the local Indian culture sites such as
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