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RIWT TASK1 SUBDOMAIN 112.1 - FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS, METHODS, & MODES IN THE HUMANITIES Romanticism and Realism Romanticism In the late 18th century when the Industrial Revolution started to spread from England to other countries such as France, Spain and Germany and even in the U.S, the changes that its dynamic brought to the society were drastic and radically different of what people were used to until then. The work hours become longer; young children and their parents were working most of the time; new factories opened up and old villages now were the main workforce source to keep the production level up to the demand and supply requests. Villages started turning into urban centers, crowded by large number of people; poor people that…show more content…
They both started in Europe and spread out in U.S; both were influenced by the events of the everyday life; both used nature as their muse; both focused their work on representation of the lower class, humble people, ordinary events, injustice done to the society .Since life started to change with the industrialization people started to shift from Romanticism toward Realism. As the fact has it, in times when there is poverty, not enough food, struggle and pain , society withdraws from the spirituality, emotions and dreams and focuses more on the everyday life and tries to get by as each day passes. That is what happened with Romanticism and Realism. The larger-than-life hero and events were left behind as the real and contemporary art (Realism) started to outgrow Romanticism. Both arts are unique in their elements of representation but the same on their core. Romanticism embodied sense, emotions, spirituality, interest on the folk culture, supernatural events and the hero figure; focused on passion and inner struggles and creative spirit; interested on mysterious and embracing the grandeur of nature instead of the God. Realism instead embodied the opposite elements, ordinary characters and real life events, describing lower class and every day struggles, social issues; the language used is simple and nothing literary as it is in Romanticism. Even though different and unique in elements but similar to their core muse ,both art eras have

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