Wgu Rtt 1 Task 1

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RTT 1 Task 1
Mr. J, 72-year-old, retired rabbi
Mild dementia, Fx right hip s/p fall
Receiving pain medication, drowsy
Restrained in bed, even when slightly sleepy. Restraints reapplied with family present.
Dtr notices red, depressed area over lower spine (CNA blew it off, “it will go away”)
Diet: Regular, Kosher, chopped meat
Given pork chop (nurse notified supervisor, supervisor notified kitchen supervisor, kitchen supervisor notified kitchen staff) Kitchen staff apologized to dtr. Dtr asked nurse, who blew itoff.

Nursing Sensitive Indicators….Discuss how an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators could assist the nurses in this case in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care. (pressure ulcers,
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Quality Patient Care…Analyze how hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators (such as incidence of pressure ulcers and prevalence of restraints) could advance quality patient care throughout the hospital.

Overall, the use of restraints are discouraged and are usually used as a last resort. The hospital should have set policies and procedures in place in regards to the use of restraints. Documentation of other less invasive measures, such as bed alarms or moving the patient closer to the nursing station should be tried before ultimately employing the use of restraints. If restraints are necessary, documentation of frequent assessment by the nurse is needed to determine the continued need for the use of restraints. Since Pressure Ulcer Prevelance has been identified as a nursing sensitive indicator, the hospital should keep data related to the prevelance on each unit and institute universal measures to help prevent pressure ulcers from occurring or at the very least, halt their progress once discovered in the early stages. Raising awareness of this issue in turn empowers the nursing staff to have a direct impact on patient care and their outcomes. Patient satisfaction is very important

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