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Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS 1 Organizational Systems RTT1 Western Governors University Pam Turner Septemer29, 2014 Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS 2 A). Nursing-sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process, and outcomes of nursing care. (Nursing-Sensitive, 2014.) The skill level of the nursing staff, the supply of nursing staff, and the education or certifications of the staff are all used to measure the structure of nursing care given to any given patient. Patient outcomes, which are improved by a greater quality of care, are said to be nursing sensitive. Some examples of…show more content…
The staff could also have done something different so as not to have to use restraints on the patient. A sitter could possible have been brought in to sit with the patient. A family member could have been asked to sit with the patient. More frequent rounds to check on Mr. J. could have been implemented. Any of these issues have the potential to extend the patients length of stay in the hospital. The restraints have the potential to make the patient more agitated, thus increasing his risk of injury. Understanding the nursing-sensitive indicators can greatly contribute to a better outcome for all patients. B). Knowing the hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators could greatly help with patient care in a hospital. If your hospital has a high incidence of falls, the data collected on the falls can help the nurses and staff to understand why the falls happen. Is it because they have a high population of elderly patients? If so what is the hospital doing to counteract the incidences of falls? What measures have they put in place to decrease the incidence of falls? The same can be done with pressure ulcers. The staff can look at the data collected and get an idea of why the Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS 4 pressure ulcers are happening. Again, is there an abundance of elderly patients?

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