Wgu Supply Chain Recommendation Strategy

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Supply-Chain-Strategy Recommendation Xavier Smith Western Governors University Supply-Chain-Recommendation Strategy Hand-Tool Corporation, hereafter referred to as the initialism, HTC, was established to take advantage of the hand-tools market, which consists of sales of electric drills, saws, and sanders, to consumers in the homebuilding and home-improvement market. These consumers will comprise both business and private end users. The corporation is seeking data to determine the optimal course of action for distribution, referred to hereafter as the supply chain. This analyst has researched several supply-chain strategies. These strategies will be presented in this report. The analyst will also provide a concerted…show more content…
This network strategy is defined as: Keiretsu is a Japanese word which, translated literally, means headless combine. It is the name given to a form of corporate structure in which a number of organisations link together, usually by taking small stakes in each other and usually as a result of having a close business relationship, often as suppliers to each other (Hindle, 2008). This network type is similar to the hollow corporation in that it cultivates relationships with an assortment of vendors to manage the supply chain. The distinction, however, is that while hollow corporations focus on the conceptual development and marketing of their products, the Keiretsu network is corporately invested in at least some aspects of the supply chain. For example, the following network strategies could be contained in the Keiretsu network: * Joint ventures: the corporation and outsourced entity’s taking responsibility for distribution; corporate investment in the supply chain expected * Few suppliers: the corporations developing long-term relationships with select outsourced suppliers; relatively no corporate investment expected * Vertical integration: the corporation’s decision to distribute product without outsourcing or purchasing the outsourced company to manage supply chain; nearly unanimous corporate investment expected. This network

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