Whale Printing Case Study

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ACCOUNTING 5250 Managerial Accounting Case Study- Whale Printing Company This case study is located in the Assignment Section of your Blackboard. You are to analyze: Question 1: - What are the key issues? Answer 1: - An organization should include the 5 M’s of management in order to create value, run the business successfully and efficiently. These 5 M’s include: Money, Materials, Manpower, Machinery, and Methodology. The requirements for production usually represented as capital, labour, and land. Capital covers all man-made aids to future production; fixed capital stays put, and includes the physical plant, buildings, tools and machinery, while circulating capital includes raw materials and components. Labour includes all human…show more content…
The company can increase employee responsibility through delegation. If they are responsible for a task a person is more likely to ensure that it gets done and done well, even more so if the task contributes to a team effort and they can expect to receive recognition for their contribution. Lastly, employees like every other person seek recognition and appreciation. Therefore, they should be appreciated when they perform exuberantly in their jobs. One needs to clearly convey how an employee’s performance contributed to organizational results. By appreciating them, you are motivating them to do better. Monetary rewards in the form of year-end bonuses are also always a great way to improve the morale of the employees. I believe, that Mr.Hussey after considering the above motivational factors, should then take the final decision, as to how the work could be performed in the best possible manner. Question 3: - How is the company REALLY doing financially? Answer 3: - |Particulars |Amount ($) |Amount ($) | |Sales |4,000,000 | | |Direct

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