Whales Loss Essay

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As the oceans rise in temperatures, the number of whales are significantly dropping. Researchers have found that in the in the past summer the number of humpback whales being identified from the rocks were lamentable, instead of seeing the usual dozens of whales, they only spotted eight. In the past nineteen months, fifty-three humpback whales have died, either colliding with boats or fishing gear. Scientists have also found that the humpbacks have been forced to move elsewhere in search of food as the oceans speedily grow warmer and the usual feeding grounds are disturbed. “Food is being more patchy and less reliable, so the animals are moving around more,” says Scott Kraus. The vice president and chief scientist at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium. Not only are the humpback whales moving around for food, but the North Atlantic right whales…show more content…
However, people who do not specialize in marine biology or for example whales, are most likely not to know about the fluctuating amount of whales, mainly the great loss of whales. We know that global warming is becoming a bigger issue, not only for humans, but also for animals, yet we are not doing anything about it. In my opinion, I think we should be acknowledged on the animals being affected by global warming, and pay more attention to not only the whales but other animals being affected. Global warming may not seem like it is playing a big factor in our lives, but it is playing a major role in the lives animals. It has been causing animals to lose their homes and for many to die. However, I do think that what the scientists are doing to help decrease the number of whale deaths in the sea is very beneficial. The scientists are doing all they can to save the whales, by flying above the waters to make sure they do not run into any ships and by keeping a close eye on the whales that can be
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