Whales and Interference

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Noise can serve as a distraction as well as interference. Eight out of 10 right whales bear the scars left behind by accidental encounters with fishing rope. These thick lines can wrap so tightly around the whales that they die from lacerations. (Ragen et. Al., 2005) Noise from numerous anthropogenic sources is both extensively and increasingly present within the marine surrounding. Human activities are leaving both deep and profound acoustic footmarks in the oceans of the world, and this is because of technological innovation and climate change. New and current acoustic sounds and signals continue to be designed in reaction and as a proposed solution to increased accessibility and the growing use of remote sensing capabilities, to address commercial, research and defense needs.(Stone, 2003) Incidental noise from coastal development and vessel traffic is introducing greater proportions of marine life to these induced levels of noise. Over a very brief time span in evolutionary terms, the vast majority of human-built sources that serve as an originator of underwater noise has intensified and provides only a few generations for species to adapt un-introduced. (Hatch & Wright, 2007) Results from this highly collaborative research effort conducted by IHA, a company within NOAA, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), will be used to assist government agencies in fulfilling their responsibilities to identify, implement and monitor means of balancing the protective
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