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Have you ever thought about why killing whales is so bad? Whaling is a cruel and inhumane process of killing whales and should be ban worldwide for good. To start, the whales people are killing off help keep our ecosystem going and without them most fish will die by 2028. Also, whaling isn’t legal in most places and over 1,500 whales are killed illegally through the year. Finally, the whaling process causes certain whales for example the Minke Whale to go more vulnerable than they already are. Whales help our ecosystem by providing nutrients and homes to other sea creatures and without them humans could be in endangered. “...This “whale pump” provides many nutrients, in the form of feces, to support plankton growth.” Therefore, some…show more content…
In other words, some countries still think they aren’t doing wrong. The governments have tried to convince the other countries it’s wrong yet they still disagree and continue to kill. “The excuse that is often used for why their meat it sold is that after conducting research selling the whales meat is the easiest way to dispose of the corpse.” So, Many people try to use this excuse because people think if it was killed for research than its ok. “WDC recently exposed the illegal online sale of whale meat products from Japan to overseas customers. “ In addition to this, people are creating more and more websites and trades so they can illegally sell and tread animal products. This doesn’t just mean the mean though it means the oils and blubber from the whales. Although they are using every single part of the whale it still isn’t right. It is becoming harder and harder to stop these illegal trades and most people began to give up on stopping this. Extinction is also a huge problem when it comes to whaling. “Greenland have historically been given an Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Quota (ASW) by the International Whaling Commission...this quota was zeroed in 2012 when concerns were raised about increased commercialization in the hunts within Greenland.” For a matter of fact, the website us.whales.org has data tables that show that in 1987 to 2016 over 4,573 whales were killed in just Greenland

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