Whaling Research Paper

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Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption? I do not agree with Norway and Japan’s position on the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption. Even with the ban in place, these countries are continuing to hunt Minke whales, and their governments are highly subsidizing the product, almost 50% the gross value. (WDC, n.d.) Furthermore, recent research has shown that these countries are having difficulty selling whale meat, and that they are desperately trying to create a new interest in the product at festivals and tourist spots, where they are introducing things like whale burgers and sushi. (WDC, n.d.) In my opinion, I think…show more content…
I think it violates their sovereignty as much as it does any other nations, although, most other nations can see the cruelty and agree that whaling should be banned. It may be part of their culture, but there are many thing other countries ceased doing for similar reasons, such as slavery and genocide. These things are terrible and should be stopped to preserve our environment and human rights. Minke whales, which are the ones these countries are hunting, are not currently endangered, although, without regulation they could make it onto the list. Before the ban, Norway was killing approximately 2,000 whales annually, then exporting half to Japan. As of 2015, with the ban in place, Norway killed roughly 660 whales, while the ban isn’t working 100%, it is helping the population of Minke whales stay strong. (WDC, n.d.) How should these kinds of questions about cultural exemptions be settled? Should an international panel (such as a committee at the WTO) be asked to weigh the validity of such claims? Who should serve on such a…show more content…
This could be something artistic, economic, or spiritual, anything that unifies them as a culture. Some examples of cultural activities could include a parade, a national monument, or a sports team. It could also be clothing, or festivals. Does the economic impact of whaling on the small fishing villages weigh into your decision? It does weigh on my decisions, although, not enough to change my opinion. There are other animals in that costal area that can be hunted more humanly, and that won’t have such an impact on its population. Besides, with and international whaling ban, it is already affecting their business. Therefore, the fishing villages will expand into other species, regardless. Most fisherman do that on the off-season already. (WDC, n.d.) It is a difficult to think about small villages failing under globalization, albeit, they may be able to adapt to the changes. If residents of Norway and Japan are truly hunting for cultural reasons, they can fall under Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling, where natives are permitted to catch whales for nutritional and cultural reasons. (International Whaling Commission, n.d.) They are finding that, unfortunately, these countries are already taking advantage of the lack of formal definition and still hunting for commercial purposes. (WDC,
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