Wharhol and Modern Art

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Warhol simply took everyday items and transformed them into amazing pop art pieces: To create his pieces, Warhol put himself upon the task of discovering not only what most stood out in modern art, but he also looked at what was popular. He realized that the many Americans shopped for food frequently and he set it upon himself to create an extensive line of supermarket merchandises. His line of merchandise art compromised of price tags, Bristol boxes as well as a banana, and Coca-Cola bottles .Warhol’s 1962 creation of Coca Cola Bottles gained popularity because the bottles an everyday item for an average American. Many people could identify with the products’. “Warhol used to identify the nature of the great American society, anonymous and consumerist, devoted to conformism and with a pride in unanimity, was the ubiquitous Coca Cola bottle- “(Copestone 12). To Warhol, a Coca Cola bottle seemed so simple but, also a universal icon in the United States. After taking hints from the public in the mid-twentieth century, Warhol was able to do what numerous artists attempted to do but failed. Warhol extracted some of his ideas from other artists and built upon them in his work. I would like to say Warhol put a coming to age culture on canvas and transformed pop art it its entirety. One such art piece onto which Warhol used another artist’s idea is his Details of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, 1482) Warhol made this piece, an intriguing illustration of

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