What A Breach Of A Contract?

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“In 2005, judges decided that 32% (8,543) of almost 27,000 civil trials were disposed of by the state courts of general jurisdiction. The majority of the contract cases, 64% to be exact, were cases that were disposed by a bench trial” (BJS). Therefore, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that is intended to be enforceable by law. It is sometimes believed that a contract is a written agreement, but that is not true, it can be written, spoken, expressed or even implied. There are four elements that need to be fulfilled when making a legal contract that will be discussed later, along with all the different types of contracts. Another important concept is to understand what a breach of a contract is. There will be examples of some recent contracts to help better understand the concepts that go into them. People seem to believe that for a contract to be enforceable that it must be in writing. Most times, though, oral contracts are just as enforceable as contracts in writing. An oral contract is an agreement that the parties agree upon only by oral communication. The biggest problems with oral contracts are that they could be misunderstood or even forgotten. Now, oral contracts can sometimes get confused with implied contracts. Like oral contracts, implied contracts are not written down. An implied contract is an agreement that is not usually agreed upon and is usually something that is more assumed. An expressed contract is one in which all
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