What A Cio Should Do

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From the very first discussion where we were tasked to consider what a CIO should do, I was keenly aware of how our own perspectives were such a large part of how we phrased our responses. Regardless of the topic, thinking from the consumer perspective is different from the business or information technology perspective. In this class, it has become apparent that information technology has its own perspective and set of ethics. In this class, we tried to apply traditional ethics to the uses of information technology, but often found that they do not fit as seamlessly as other technologies have in the past. This is because of the business perspective, the uniqueness of the technology, and the uncontrollability and thus unaccountability of the internet. It is clear that both private citizens and corporations do not adhere to the same ethical beliefs when information technology is part of the equation. I realized that our perspectives are often an expression of our ethics.
In each of the discussions, we were confronted with the ethicality of people or processes. Prior to the advent of wide spread information technology, these situations would have been more easily addressed, categorized, and concealed. This technology has allowed us to share information around the world, but it has also released information beyond our ability to control it. Now our privacy, property, quality of life, work and personal lives are vulnerable because of inadequate laws and unethical entities.
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